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Martingale System do not work !!!
Martingale System do not work !!!

I have lost a lot of money on roulette systems that promised me an easy fortune, the 'double your bet' systems do not work (martingale and similar)!!!
There are several reasons for that:

  • The online casinos roulette software has no memory, there is no guaranty that after 9 times that the ball landed on red it will land on black.
  • Bankroll: let's say you bet on red, and the ball landed on black 8 times. You will lose 255 chips – and I saw it happens 14 times!! Furthermore, after 14 times, it's still 48%. Can you afford to risk that kind of money on a less than 50%??

      • Table limit: most online casinos have a limit on a bet (usually X10 the minimum bet) so, even if you have the money to risk the casino will not let you do that 
        • • See this link for a proof and more info.


This system is simple, and gives you 76% of winning!!!
With only 4 wise placed betting that covers 28 numbers of the existing 37.

After telling a mathematician friend I wanted to try and find a method to beat the roulette, he came up with this system. With this roulette betting system, the loss factor is the very least you can get anywhere! At the moment I give it free of charge for a limited beta test.


This is a picture of the roulette betting table.

The second bet:
place 2 chips on 2 splits numbers.

The first bet:
place 3 chips on the first dozen.

The third bet:
place 3 chips on the third dozen.

This is how your betting table should look like:


I have tried a lot of online casinos with this system.
Finally I have narrowed it down to 4 casinos that have the best welcome bonus and the most effective weekly promotions (like free spins and free money!!)

so even if you want only to try it for fun, register with a real email address to get the offers.

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